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Why should you consider Pineapple Papers and Gifts?

Hi there! I hope you are having a wonderful week.

I'm taking part in several virtual Christmas markets between now and the big day and wanted to ask a question .... Why should you consider Pineapple Papers and Gifts when shopping? What can Pineapple Papers and Gifts do for you?

This is how I want you to feel when you interact with us from browsing to purchasing and beyond.

That's a big aim for a brand, don't you think? And I bet you're wondering how I try to create that feeling for you. Well, I concentrate on three things!


Everything I sell is made by hand and starts life as a piece of card or fabric. I imagine what I want to create and make it come to life. This makes all of my products truly unique as everything is handmade from start to finish.


As everything is made by hand, every part of an item can be customised to fit your needs so providing personalised service is taken very seriously.


As a consumer, and especially when choosing gifts for my friends and family, I am so picky about the brands I consider. I would rather buy quality than cheap, but that doesn't mean having to spend high. I work hard to provide you with high quality products that are great value.

Does this sound like something you're looking for? Are you on the hunt for high quality, handmade and personal products from a brand that puts you first? If so, then there's a pretty good chance that Pineapple Papers and Gifts is for you! Why not see for yourself and visit our website? It doesn't hurt to look ....


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