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The answer is TWO. What was the question?

Here's another instalment of 'What was the question?'.

The colour wheel is the foundation of colour theory which some find tricky to understand and use. But did you know there are only two types of colour wheel? One is an additive colour wheel (RGB) and the other is a subtractive one (RYB, or more accurately, CMY).

So what is an additive colour wheel? This is where you have three primary colours which can be mixed in various ratios to create every other colour on the wheel. The additive colour wheel is the RGB one which has red, green and blue as the primary colours. This colour wheel is mainly used online as it is based on the results of mixing coloured lights like in a TV or phone screen. At the centre of this colour wheel is white - where the primary colours on this wheel are mixed in equal ratios.

The other type of colour wheel is the subtractive one. This is where the primary colours are removed from one another in various ratios to produce every colour on the wheel. The colour wheel has Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as the primary colours (this is closely related to the RYB colour wheel but due to how the human eye works, CMY is a more accurate version of this colour wheel). The centre of this wheel is black as all three primary colours are removed from one another.

There is so much more to learn about colour wheels (coming soon!), but the main thing to remember is to pick which colour wheel you want to use and understand the relationship between all the colours on it. This will help you to select colours that create the impact you are looking for.

I hope you found this post interesting or useful. Please let me know if you enjoyed this!

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