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Not Driving Home For Christmas

How are you spending Christmas this year? The Pineapple family (me, my husband and my little one), usually spend Christmas Eve/Day at home celebrating with our own traditions and then visit close family and friends during the rest of the festive period.

But Christmas this year is going to feel very different for everyone with all the rules around social distancing, support bubbles and maximum group sizes.

Being with my family is such an important part of Christmas for me so missing out on this part of the season is kind of heart-breaking to be honest. So I got to thinking .... what could I do to show my family that I am thinking of them even if I can't physically be with them? I decided to make my family members their own personalised Christmas jumper - from the colour to the design, it would be perfect for each member of my family!

As you may already know (I think I mentioned it in my previous post), I'm a bit of a big kid when it comes to Christmas. When I finished making the first two jumpers (photos below), I was so excited that I couldn't help but get the recipients on Facetime to show them! That's why I can share them with you all here! I've also now decided to give them to my family before December so they can make full use of them throughout the month.

Do you like giving and receiving personalised gifts? For me, it makes any gift a little bit more special as it shows the extra thought which has gone into it. I'll be launching a new personalisation service soon, so watch this space!

Anyway, back to the jumpers .... Here are the two that I've completed so far. They are for my two sisters. One is an excellent cake maker and is the "official" baker for all our family gatherings. The other one always jokes about how hairy she is (despite being gorgeous). They seemed to like the jumpers in the photos, hopefully they'll love them when they receive them in person! I think I hit my "brief" when I made them! What do you think? I'll post the others once I've done them.

Are you looking to give personalised gifts this year?

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