Hello and welcome. My name is Meera.

Thoughtful relationships based on gratitude, love and loyalty are so important to me. Cards and gifts are one way to show someone that they were in your thoughts so I create products to help you spread joy through your relationships.

I started making cards for my little one to show my appreciation for her. The look of joy on her face when she saw the cards made me want to do the same for my friends and family. And so Pineapple Papers and Gifts was created and I expanded into gift tags, quilted blankets, Christmas stockings, photo albums, bunting and custom makes!

Through my creations, I hope to provide products that give you the excitement and joy of giving and allow you to spread happiness to your loved ones.


Is it quirky or meaningful?

Logo without text for Pineapple Papers and Gifts
Logo without text for Pineapple Papers and Gifts

QUESTION: What do you get if you cross an apple and with a Christmas (SANTA) tree?
ANSWER: A pineapple!

This has been my little ones favourite joke for a while, she tells it to everyone she meets and still laughs hysterically when she hears it. Her laugh makes me so happy which is exactly the feeling I wanted my brand to emulate and so Pineapple Papers and Gifts was chosen to bring you joy.

Hi, my name is Meera. I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and introduce the Pineapple


  • I have a five year old daughter.

  • I'm very lucky to have found and be married to my best friend - Mike.

  • I am also a mummy to "the boys" (our two cats).

  • I'm an analyst by day and a mummy/wife/crafter/cleaner/gardener/etc by night!

  • We're based in Surrey, England.

Why do I craft?

I've always had trouble relaxing as I suffer from mental health issues (it's actually why we got "the boys" - cuddling a cat is very calming). I'd never had a hobby before and so, in 2019, I tried crafting as a way of practising mindfulness and calming my thoughts. It was amazing. I had found something that I loved to do and it really helped me to be in the moment!


All about Pineapple Papers and Gifts and Meera, our story